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Provides comprehensive and tailored financial planning services using a holistic approach.

Works with other financial and legal professionals on a collaborative basis to create a team approach to clients' financial and risk management.

Aims to guide clients toward achieving their life and financial goals through knowledge, discipline, structure and accountability.

Reviews assumptions and related inputs, then presents findings, and together with client determine a course of action.

Views financial planning as a long-term investment with enduring rewards.

Encourages clients to perceive their financial journey as a marathon rather than a sprint.


Independently analyzes investment accounts without affiliations to investment companies, money managers, or insurance brokers.

Provides an objective, in-depth assessment of portfolios, addressing diversification, individual holdings, risk, expenses, and fee structures.

Generates a summary report to enhance understanding of portfolio management efficiency and alignment with values and goals.

Identifies areas needing attention without requiring engaging us to provide ongoing management .

Offers the service at a one-time fee determined by various factors.

investment MANAGEMENT

Grounds investment philosophy in principles like asset allocation, low-cost investing, global exposure, and tax-efficiency.


Believes there is no one size fits-all investment strategy; however given the efficiency and risk premiums of the global equities markets that investing across asset classes and staying discplined are keys to long-term growth.

Customizes portfolios based on time horizon, risk tolerance, liquidity, and financial experiences.

Uses institutions like Charles Schwab as custodians, in order for us to not have direct control over client assets.

Requires client consent for money movement.  Trading is non-discretionary as directed by an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

Stresses clear goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon in portfolio construction.

Charitable Planning

Collaborates seamlessly with a network of professionals in the charitable planning and gifting arenas, including tax experts, legal advisors, and financial specialists.

Guides clients through every phase of the philanthropic journey, from initial planning to ongoing support, offering a comprehensive suite of services.

Delivers a broad spectrum of expertise, covering areas such as donor-advised funds, private foundations, and direct giving.

Leverage over two decades of experience working with individuals in the complex landscape of charitable planning and gifting, providing valuable insights to inform and optimize your philanthropic decisions.


Works in tandem with other divorce professionals client has engaged in a collaborative process. Such professionals may include family attorneys, forensic accountants and mediators.


Offers financial mediation services to both spouses to help assist with areas such as asset division, child and spousal support, insurance, tax planning, and estate planning. Read more HERE.


Assists clients with their finances through all stages of divorce, from pre-planning to post-divorce.  


Provides a range of services including investment management, financial consulting, tax planning, and financial planning to either spouse.


Shares insights gained from working with divorced clients for over 20 years.


Provides due diligence on private investments (direct and funds) including real estate, venture capital, private equity and private companies.


Introduces alternative investments to accredited and qualified clients based on their liquidity, prior experience with alternatives, risk tolerance and other factors.


Offers ongoing reporting and review of such investments where applicable.

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